How do I start a search on Finna?

You have several options:

Do a free search and filter your results

  • The easiest way to start a search is to enter the search terms for your chosen subject or collection in the search box.
  • In the drop-down menu at the end of the search box, you can choose to search by title, author or subject. The default “All fields” option will return all results related to your search terms.
  • After the first search, you have the option to filter your search results, for example by terms of use, type of collection or date of manufacture.
  • You can find ideas for formulating your searches in the Basic search guide.

Advanced search

How can I review my search results?

When you do a search on Finna, you will be directed to the search results page where you will find all of the results that match your search term(s). You can filter your results on this page (see the Narrowing your search section for more information). Finna will notify you if no matching results are found.

In the search results list, you can find the details for each search result by clicking on its title. If you click on a search result icon or picture, a preview window will open displaying a larger image and some of the picture’s/object’s information.