Information for library users

Library card

With the Louna Libraries library card you can use the services of all Louna libraries (Forssa, Humppila, Jokioinen, Tammela, Ypäjä).

A library card can be obtained from any Louna library with this form: Printable application form (pdf). The library card is issued to all who provide the information requested by the library, have an address in Finland and prove their identity with a valid ID card showing their photograph and personal identity number. The library card is for your personal use only, which means that you are solely responsible for its use and any items borrowed with it. You must inform the library immediately if your library card disappears.

Customers under 15 years of age need a guardian as a guarantor who assumes responsibility for the items borrowed on the library card.

You need to notify the library about changes in your name, address, phone number or email. You can use the feedback form to inform Louna libraries about the changes.

PIN code

Along with the library card you will need a PIN code to log in to the web library, use library e-materials or use the lending machines or workstations in the library. You can obtain the PIN code from any Louna library. Due to security reasons, PIN codes are not granted by e-mail or over the phone.

Borrowing and returning items

The loan periods are normally 28 days, but there are exceptions:

  • - magazines, DVDs/Blu-rays, video games, board games: 14 days
  • - e-books/e-audiobooks: 2 days or 14 days

Short term loans

Materials bearing the short term loan label (Pikalaina) have a shorter loan period (14 days) than other materials. They cannot be renewed or reserved and you have to return them to the owning library.


You can have up to 10 DVDs or Blu-rays, 20 CDs and 3 video games borrowed with your library card at the same time. The library follows the age classification marked on each film and game. Therefore, films and games may not be borrowed by those who have not reached the required age.


Borrowed items need to be returned on their due date at the latest. You can return items borrowed from any Louna library to any Louna library (except short term loans and interlibrary loans). During opening hours you can receive a receipt from returning items if you so wish.

If your library has a drop box, you can use it to return material when the library is closed. You return items at your own risk. The library staff will mark items returned on the next opening day.

If you return your loan late, you will need to pay a late return fee.

Renewing and reserving

You can renew your loans five (5) times in the web library, over the phone, via email or while visiting the library. For online renewals you need a PIN code, which you can obtain from any Louna library.

It is not possible to renew the loans if the material has been reserved or if you have lost your right to borrow.

Reserving items

You can reserve items in the web library, over the phone, via email or while visiting the library. You need a PIN code for reserving items online. Reserving is free of charge. If you don’t collect the reserved item in time, you must pay a fee of two euros (2 €).

When making a reservation in the Web library, you need to choose the preferred library from where you wish to collect your reservation. You will receive a notification by SMS or email or post when the material is ready to collect. The library holds your reservation for seven (7) days after the notification has been sent.


From 4.4.2022 onwards

Library card

First library card is free of charge.

New library card to replace a lost card: 2,00 €.

Reservations from the collections of all Louna libraries

Reservations are free of charge, but uncollected reservations are charged with a 2,00 € fee.

Overdue fines

A fee is charged for items you return after the due date.

The late fee is 0,10 € / loan / calendar day. The maximum amount is 6,00 € / loan.

There are no late fees for children's and young people's material.

Three overdue notices are sent for loans that are late: one week after the due date, three weeks after the due date, and five weeks after the due date. An overdue notice of reserved material and short term loans (Pikalaina) will be sent the day after the due date.

There is a 2,00 € notice fee for overdue notices (including overdue notices for children's and young people's material).


If you fail to return items despite receiving the reminders, you will receive an invoice 7 weeks after the due date. In addition to the amount on the invoice, you need to pay all overdue and notification fees. You lose the right to borrow, when material is 7 weeks late from the due date or the sum of overdue fees is more than 10 €. You can pay the fees to any Louna library.

Interlibrary loans

From Finland 5,00 € / each.

From abroad according to the expenses.

Interlibrary loans and acquisition request

You can order an item as an interlibrary loan from another library in Finland or abroad if the item is not available in Louna libraries collections. The service is subject to a charge (5 €). Contact your library if you wish to request an interlibrary loan.

We gladly accept acquisition requests if the item is not in our collections. All acquisition requests are taken into consideration, but everything cannot necessarily be acquired.

Facilities and equipment

To use library workstations you have to log in with your library card number and your PIN code. Workstations are free to use and you can reserve them in advance. You can copy, print and scan in all Louna libraries.You can use wi-fi in Forssa, Humppila and Jokioinen.

Louna libraries have varying facilities (exhibition spaces, workspaces etc.) to reserve/rent. Contact your local library for enquiries.